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Temple Baptist Church

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In 1956, God placed it upon the hearts of a group of believers to start a church in downtown Blue Ridge, GA that would minister to a more diverse group of people in the community. God blessed that effort; in the first year, over one hundred people were baptized into the fellowship of Temple Baptist Church.

Over the next few years, the sanctuary was built; and then the education wing was added. God continued to bless by adding additional people to the church through baptisms and transfer of letters. In the following years, God brought different pastors to lead the church in various areas of ministry and church growth. Each one brought their own unique gifts and talents to help the church grow to become the church God wanted it to be.

In October 2010, God blessed Temple one more time by providing a God-given opportunity to join fellowship with Appalachia Baptist Church in Morganton. God has blessed two churches by making them one, and the blessings continue to flow from our Heavenly Father. We cannot wait to see what more God has in store for His people at Temple. May we always glorify God and His Son in the work He has called us to.

How to Find Us

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28 High Country Circle
Morganton, GA 30560