Single MercoBox

Model: December Box

Product Details

The MercoBox is a stylish subscription box featuring a curated selection of Utah’s finest local products. The idea is to allow you to discover new products, goods and businesses and get you excited about what our amazing state has to offer.

The MercoBox ships out the 1st day of each month, in the event the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, the box will be shipped on the Monday following. 

The box is a stylish subscription box, featuring a curated selection of Utah's finest local products. A surprise full of mystery, value and always new locally found products! Utah subscription box lovers and box junkies don't miss out. If you haven’t checked out our previous month’s box contents, find out what you've been missing here!

Still curious? Make sure to sign up for the box, and enjoy products, services, local music, events, activities, restaurants and all walks of lifestyle products from your local community. We brag about our clients and our MercoBox products, because we back them up fully. We not only handpick each locally owned product vendor with love and care, but we create a one on one relationship with our box product owners to support their business needs. We understand you are busy people, so we bring the community to you with a box o' surprises every month with high value content and products.

You may have noticed we are changing our look. You will find a few changes in our boxes, with new gift cards and the local only community club card with offers you can slip into your wallet and take anywhere. Know that you have the purchasing power to directly support local entrepreneurs and business. We are working hard to give you even more value, and we have a few surprises in store. Keep watching and supporting local to find out more. Don't worry you will still get that super tactile experience to tempt all the sense with our monthly surprises of beauty, health, snacks, music, and all things unique and beautiful!

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