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The Innovation & Creativity Institute is your catalyst for inspired confidence! With nearly a decade of creative leadership experience and a lifetime of entrepreneurial practice, we help organizations reach their full potential by getting you to unleash innovation within your business and yourself. Innovation and creativity are vitally tied to healthy, playful, and courageous leadership, and that leadership fosters a certain culture one of success and impact. We’re going to teach you how to become such a leader, a leader who guides from within!

Businesses and organizations succeed when executives have the capacity, authority, and know-how to truly lead. The deVille Hierarchy of Innovation & Creativity™ provides the framework for our transformational and fun curricula. When you learn with us, you and your organization experience deep change that fosters ground-breaking results! We design unique and customized educational experiences with your goals and learning objectives in mind by emphasizing transformational and joyful learning as a cornerstone of our instruction.

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