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         Rub it In Skincare

“Our philosophy is that everyone deserves luxurious, affordable skin care.”


Sometimes it can be hard to relate to all your siblings when you come from a large family (a sentiment that many Utahns can probably relate to). Amazingly, the eleven siblings behind local company Rub It In Skincare were able to find something very important in common with each other.

“We began making skincare products for ourselves as a hobby,” they said when asked about how their deliciously soothing lotions and skincare products were born. “Having grown up in a large family, we all know what it’s like to be on a tight budget and go without luxury items.” The siblings experimented with their own fragrances and a variety of recipes, and gave out these homemade concoctions to their friends and family. “When we saw how much they enjoyed using our simple, plant-based products, we decided to start the business..." Continue Reading...

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