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         Beehive Cheese Spotlight

“Just support local business and local producers, because… we make some great stuff!”


I should have never underestimated Jess Perrie, wholesale director of Beehive Cheese Co.

She was kind enough to speak with me about the company’s story; their history, upbringing, and their classic rags-to-riches story. As she spoke, I itched to know about the actual process of the cheesemaking, and what makes their cheese stand out from the rest. But was she the right person to ask about it?

I tried, “So, how much do you know about the cheesemaking process?” I gave her an out before she had even replied. “You probably can’t tell me much…”

Turns out, Jess has her Masters degree in Food Science, specializing in Cheese Chemistry. So, yeah, she had a lot to tell me... Continue Reading...

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